1. If I just want display posts from a SINGLE category to appear under a graphic heading, should I enter it as cat=’general’

    General is the SLUG name of one of my categories. Additionally I have my permalinks set to Post Name. It does not segregate just one category. It displays posts from all my categories.

    Any suggestions?

    • To display single category, you can use category id like cat=”1″, where 1 is category id. To get category id, you can go to posts->category and click on edit category link, the url will contain the category id. If you are not sure, I would like to help you if you to find it. LEt me know.. thanks.

      • I don’t think that is the location of ‘edit category link’.

        Do you know where else I could look for it?

  2. Is there any way to display the full image instead of a thumb? And if it requires changing something in recent-posts-from-each-category.php, what exactly would I have to change and what would I have to change it to?

  3. This plugin has helped me a lot. I am wondering if there is a way to limit the total number of results? I have a lot of categories and the list could become too long. Any ideas?

    • You can limit the number of categories to display by category id as cat parameter…

      • Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I mean if I have it set to show one post from from all categories, it will display a huge list. I want one (most recent) post from every category until it displays a maximum of 10 in the list. Basically I just want a list of the 10 most recent posts across the whole site. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried many plugins and solutions and this works good except it will display a huge list if i understand correctly.

        • I have upgraded the plugin to version 1.1 including the new shortcode parameter ‘limit’, which you can use like this… to limit the number of category box sorted by recent posts….

          ie. [mycatlist limit='5']

          Let me know, if it solves your requirement….

          Thanks for using our free plugin… I request you to signup for our newsletter to get free plugins/themes and upgrade notifications in your inbox.. , signup form is in footer of this site…


          • Thanks! I will try it. Sounds like it’s a winner.

  4. Really great plugin, I love it… Thanks for such a nice plugin with such a great support too.

    • Thank you john….

  5. Great Plugin.. thanks.

    • Thanks Raj..

  6. Developing a site for a friend and this plugin appears not to work. Disabled all other plugins but no luck. Tried on another site, also nothing appears… All with latest wordpress.

    I may enable the other plugins to continue. Wish it did work!

    • Thank you all for using the plugin. I have released the 1.2 version with bug fixing, that should solve the issues… Let me know if it not work for any of you…


  7. Hi! I placed the code (short and long one) on a blog page, but the posts in categories did not appear. I installed the latest version of the plugin on wordpress 3.5.2.

    Do you know where is the problem.

    Have a nice day!

    • Thank you all for using the plugin. I have released the 1.2 version with bug fixing, that should solve the issues… Let me know if it not work for any of you…


  8. HI there,

    Love this plugin – with a little CSS tweaking I was able to get it to do what a ton of other plugins couldn’t.

    Only thing I think it’s missing is the ability to display the post date.

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Jo,

      Thanks for the comments, Dont worry, the next upgrade is under development and we already have shortlisted this suggestion.

      Mindstien Technologies.

  9. Is it possible to display full post content rather than simply the excerpt?

    • its not possible as of now, as we dont think that feature would be useful for many, anyways, if we will find the enough demand, we will add it to the plugin…


  10. This plugin does exactly what I want except that the thumbnail photo is too small. Is there some way i can increase the photo size/

    • Hey, Thanks for the comment, We are working on releasing new upgraded version of this plugin with admin interface, I can not promise the time due to heavy schedule but we will have it live within 1 month maximum…


  11. Hi,

    I have a problem there.
    The excerpt exceeds the outside the borders and I need some help to fix this.
    Can you help me?


      • Hi, Please remove <code> and <pre> tags from around the shortcode….. from your post editor, that will solve the issue…

  12. hi,
    This is an awesome plugin,

    Some of your help needed. How can we align posts from right to left i.e 1,2,3 instead of

    and it will be awesome if you include this option with an admin panel of this plugin. Including post title font size etc.

  13. Hi, it seems that the plugin is very good. However, I needed a small adjustment, because I do not know how to do it. I guess I understand correctly.
    1 I need to display only certain categories.
    2 I need to display the entire title
    3 I need to show the author
    4 I need to show the date of publication
    5 This is a rather small thing, change the color or style (eg, dotted line) frame around the post

  14. Hi, great plugin, but there is anyway of change the size of the thumbnail??
    Thank you.

  15. Hello there, thank you for the great plugin! But I have a problem, the title of the post appears two times – what can be the problem?
    Please have a look at http://www.biomedconsult.at/wordpress/ – there ist “IONTO MINIIONTO MINI” instead of “IONTO MINI”.

    Could you please help me? Thanks a lot!

    • Sorry, I solved it! I’m using a 2-language-plugin and your plugin shows the german and the english title in one line and that was the problem.


  16. Hi, thanks for this wonderful plugin. I have a problem with the cat title which does not show the full title but has dots at the end. What is the parameter that controls the display of the full title?. I have the following shortcode:

    [mycatlist title_length='25' cat='all' posts='5' excerpt_length='30' thumbnail='yes' cat_title_tag='p' post_title_tag='h2' width='300px' title_only='no' cat_title_font_size='1.4em']

    • Hi ron, upgrade to latest version of plugin which has shortcode generator tool in plugin option page..

  17. hi, can i add this plugin my homepage template? not page or not post. Just somewhere on template. do you have shortcode for this?

    • you can use shortcode to put recent posts boxed anywhere on the site, if shortcode does not work in sidebar widget, you can search for plugin that executes shortcodes in sidebar too…

  18. Great plug-in, Thank-you.

    I have a couple of questions:
    1. I added the shortcode to my hompage, but it duplicated all the posts. I removed it and it still shows. Why is that it displays even without the shortcode?

    2. Is it possible not to display the category name?

    3. Is it possible to add spacing around the post heading e.g. it is very close to the image / post summary text.

    4. If I just want to display the last 3 posts, do I use the limit parameter?

  19. Hi, great plug-in, but I need to know if it possible to edit the style of the boxes, so I can show the posts with the same style of the rest of the site.


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