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We are proud to announce our first WordPress plugin on WordPress.org directory. The plugin is called “My Geo Posts Free” which help you show geo location data of your visitors almost anywhere on the site. Here is the quick info about my WordPress geo location plugin

What this plugin do?

Well, as I said, it helps you display visitor’s geo location data on your WordPress website using built in WordPress shortcode functionality or using php code directly in your template.

How do I use this plugin?

Install it from here -> My Geo Posts Free, And activate it. Use any of the following shortcode on your WordPress site, you can use this in title and content of post/page, widget title, widget text, navigation menu etc… Or use below mentioned PHP code directly in your theme’s php files.

  •   [mygeo_city] // to display City name
  •   [mygeo_country_code] // to display Country Code
  •   [mygeo_country_name] // to display Country Name
  •   [mygeo_region] // to display state / region code
  •   [mygeo_region_name] // to display state / region name
  •   [mygeo_latitude] // to display latitude of the visitors location
  •   [mygeo_longitude] // to display longitude of the visitors location
  •   [mygeo_postal_code] // to display postal code if available
  •   [mygeo_area_code] // to display area code if available
  •   [mygeo_metro_code] // to display metro code if available.

To directly display data using PHP code in template files itself, you can use following php code by replacing SHORTCODE with any of the above code.

How accurate the geo location data are ?

This plugin uses MaxMind’s GeoIP JavaScript Service, so accuracy depends on their service, its near to 90% accurate as it is best geo location service being used worldwide.

Don’t forget to rate this plugin at My Geo Posts Free if you find it useful.

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  1. I need to filter results according to the geo-location to send emails to different people (based on the zip code). For example: If zipcode=90004 go to “mail_form_01″ or many zipcodes: if zipcode=90004,90005,900006 then go to “mail_form_01″
    How I can do that?


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