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A WordPress plugin to scan for broken YouTube links

Version 2.0 is availabe: Upgrade now…


Youtube Not Found searches posts and pages for non-working YouTube videos and sends an email notification to the administrator.

So instead of manually searching sites with hundreds or thousands of posts and pages, Youtube Not Found can be used to narrow down the maintenance of broken videos to only pages and posts that are actually affected by this problem.

Download Youtube Not Found Plugin 2.0 From WordPress



  1. Great, thanks ;-) but may be we could hide info (title), isn’t ?

  2. Sadly, this seems to be broken.
    Unsure whether it’s the new WP 3.6 or what however I get both multiple notices for the same post AND they are all wrong.
    As an example, I was notified my homepage video was at fault when it is clearly displaying and valid. The same for every other notice – all are valid.

    Any ideas what is wrong here?

  3. New version of Youtube Not Found plugin is available, Upgrade now… New options added…
    1. Admin Option panel
    2. 1 Month of Log,
    3. Detailed log on where invalid video found, post/comments, direct edit link to post/comment, last checked time etc…
    4. One click to reset the log
    5. Ability to replace video embed code with your custom message for invalid youtube videos. i.e. you can show “Sorry, the video is not available at this time” instead of youtube embed code….

    Mindstien Technologies..

  4. I installed the plugin and it is working fine first time. After I reset log, it is not working again. I want daily check of all youtube links of my site, because I am manually checking broken links of my site which is time consuming. Is it possible daily check of all youtube links?

    • Hi Sandeep, Thanks for the suggestion…
      We have shortlisted your suggestion and possibly add it to upcoming version….

      • You are always welcome. It is checking my site on weekly basis now. If daily it is better, because I have 1000s of youtube links. And daily some of this will be broken. Thanks for shortlisting my suggestion.

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