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Mindstien Technology Pvt. Ltd. is part of Embicon Tech Hub Group.

At Mindstien Technology Pvt. Ltd., we’re passionate about quality.

We depend on our business portfolio to do our business and we always make sure that all our deliverables are of top-notch quality. This quality has made an ideal option for our satisfied customers around the world!

We are Intuitive, just like Mothers so we easily understand your need. Being intuitive, your challenges are easy-to-learn for us and we have the muscle to solve them!

We are Adaptive, just like chameleons, which change the color according to its surroundings. Being adaptive, we sail along in today’s ever-changing business world.

We are intelligent creatures so we understand your requirements easily. And we are Creative too; so we use our time, space, and resources to fulfil your requirements creatively and intelligently.

We are providing Industrial 4.0 IOT Solutions. We are expert in Smart Factory solution with wide experience in Industrial Automation with latest technologies in IOT.

We have experienced team for Enterprise resource Planing (ERP) development which we often call it as Growth Resource Planning(GRP).

With wide experience in different sectors , we are at Mindstien Developing Crafted Software solutions for our client which is being very useful for their exponential growth.

Bringing digital solution that really helps your business grow in terms of saving a lot of time, boosting a productivity and to have bird eye view on the whole business process.

We help you get a lot of things to run on automation like tracking, reporting, analysis, follow-ups, reminders, notifications, SMS & Emails and much more. So that you can actually focus on important things that helps your business grow faster.

Our Awesome Team

Chirag Gadara

Chirag Gadara

Executive Director

Vijaysinh Rahevar

Vijaysinh Rahevar


Kashyap Pithva

Kashyap Pithva

Techno Commercial Head

Hitesh Raigagla

Hitesh Raigagla

Finance Head

Our Core Values

We believe in giving solution enriched with our core values, passion, dedication and touch of ownership and accountability.


For us, one successful project is one success story, one more milestone achieved. 


We make sure to use latest technology, trends and trending concepts to build future ready solution.

Your Satisfaction

The only secret to our success is customer’s satisfaction. You are happy, so we are haapy, it’s as simple as that.

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